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14 years ago Chris and Suzanne Bertenshaw had a dream of moving to the countryside and creating an Holistic Healing and Wellness Centre for all to enjoy, their dream finally manifested into a wonderful reality.

Suzanne is an intuitive and naturally gifted holistic therapist and healer with over 30 years experience of the mind, body and energy work. She has helped transform many people's lives by helping them overcome mental obstacles and grow into their greatest selves.

Chris is a Reiki/Master and a NLP Master / Trainer, he trained with Richard Bandler the founder of NLP and Paul McKenna and is also an EFT practitioner. He is the architect behind The Old Coach House and how it has evolved into the peaceful haven it is today.

Together they make a great team and are the reason the business has done so well. Their dream of living a happy, fulfilling life doing what you love is now a dream shared by many as The Old Coach House 'tribe' continues to welcome in new people every day looking for some relaxation and healing.


Family is very important here, and when you visit you will no doubt meet them all with 3 generations all living and working within the grounds! Margaret Suzanne's mum is also a brilliant therapist and energy worker, Michael Suzanne's dad is the handy man and all around 'fix it' guy and Stephanie, Chris and Suzannes daughter is in charge of design and marketing.
There are also other fabulous team members, who since working here have become like family too.