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Frequently Asked Questions

what can i expect?

Firstly you need to understand that we are not like any other Spa, I would even say we are not a Spa but a tranquil location that have unique spaces that blend with our surroundings. We have created an outside feel within a covered environment, so you get the benefit of being in nature but not at the mercy of the weather. The idea behind the exclusive spaces is for people to take a time out, either with loved ones or friends and relax and take some me time. We are based in the beautiful Colne Valley and we share with our country friends so don't be surprised if you see the local Herons or Kingfishers on the river looking for the fish or the Rabbits and field mice enjoying their home in the beautiful countryside .

Are the  spas private?

All our exclusive spa areas are as it says in the title "Exclusive", this means the space and facilities are only for you and your guests. The reason we don't say it is Private is because sometimes Wellbeing Centre staff may need access into the area,

Are Children allowed in the spas?

All our spas were designed for adults, and most of our guest who have brought children in the past have said it isn't really a place for them. That being said if they are over 12 then they are allowed to use the Hot Tub (not Sauna) with supervision and will be charged the same price.

Do you have cups, glasses and plates, etc?

Yes all Spas have all the crockery you may need, and you are welcome to use it. However if you do use anything we respectfully ask you to wash it and leave to drain.

Can we book a full day?

The simple answer is yes, if you book both sessions then we will discuss when your 8 hour session will start and end.

Can we bring our own food?

At the moment we do not have facilities to cater and do allow you to bring food with you, some of the Spas even have microwaves and Halogen Cookers (for pizza). If you bring any food and use our facilities we do expect you to take everything away with you and leave the space clean and tidy.

Can I dress the Spa area before our session?

We do not mind you bringing some simple decorations, however it is  not always possible to access the Spa areas before your session (always ask).

Please note what you cannot bring:


Any kind of furniture.

Music Systems of any kind.

Can we use the space for a party?

The Wellbeing Centre was designed as a tranquil relaxation space, we are always happy to welcome guest who respect this.

If your idea is to play loud music and be very noisy then our space is not for you.

Can we bring facemasks and beauty  products.

We respectfully ask you not to bring anything that could interfere with the Hot tub or facilities.

Facemasks and other beauty products are not allowed in the Spa Areas

Can I have a beauty treatment?

As a Wellbeing Centre we do not offer, nails, waxing, pedicures, etc.

However our facials are holistic using our own products.

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