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Creating Inspiring Spaces

"Be bold, brave, have fun and enjoy creating intentional spaces"

When anyone comes down to the Coach House or the Wild Café, the first thing they mention is the feeling that it gives them. Feedback we have received is that it makes them feel relaxed, peaceful, inspired and that it has holiday vibes.

It always makes me feel so grateful, we love sharing our spaces, they are created with so much love and appreciation for all of our guests. The spaces are intentional, I'm a big fan of creating a healing, sacred space.

I have personally been interested in design for a long time and utilised it in all of my previous homes before the Coach House. I'm an energy worker so it's important to me that my space is clean, clutter free, warm and inviting. 

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a big fan of reusing and repurposing old furniture;  lamps, vases, planters, etc. I love bringing a new space to life with thrifted items because it can create a unique, bespoke and beautiful environment. Plus it's good for your health, (natural instead of synthetic materials and no microplastics.) Quality crafted pieces will stand the test of  time and are easy on your budget. They are also better for the environment, as you are giving new life to pieces that can generally end up in landfill.

Often when clients tell me they are feeling stuck, I ask about their home. Does it make you feel good? Is it somewhere you can relax and enjoy? The first step can be decluttering and cleaning, which is good for releasing stuck energy. When we let go of unwanted items, we are not only creating physical space, but emotional too.

The next step is deciding how you want to uplift and energise your space. Be mindful that this is YOUR self expression. There is no right way, just follow your highest excitement and have fun creating something interesting and amazing. For instance, I try not to follow trends, it can be quite limiting and not conducive to free flowing creativity. That said, you can find inspiration everywhere and that can be helpful to get you motivated.

I usually create a Pinterest board to get my imagination and creative juices flowing. Find some colours that uplift you and design some mood boards that really get you inspired. Then make a list of items needed to create your space and start to either thrift (my go to), or save up to create a budget that works for you. Many of my spaces have started out as ideas on Pinterest.

When I have done this I am inspired to get moving, I look for inspiration everywhere, including nature; pebbles, sticks, wild flowers and grasses - all have a place in my home. I look out for beautiful ceramics, vases and planters. Lush plants to give my home a natural feel, look out for plants on Facebook marketplace, car boot or garage sales. I also love creating gorgeous smells with essential oils, diffusers, oil burners, candles; soya, coconut or beeswax are best for your home environment. Natural wood and buddhas, carvings, sculptures and bowls can all create warmth, peace and love in a space.

If you are feeling overwhelmed then just start with a windowsill, table, cabinet or bookcase. As long as it's filled with your favourite, meaningful items. Remember this is your space and have fun creating something that makes you feel happy, joyful and at home.

I've included some pics of my favourite thrifted finds that help create a beautifully, relaxing space that brings me so much joy.

Be bold, brave, have fun and enjoy creating intentional spaces.

Love your home and it will love you back. 

Suzanne xx 

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