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Mindful Mornings

Slow down, take time for you and create meaning in your life..

A brown wooden buddha statue sat on a windowsill alongside a lit candle and incense holder. A sign in the background reads "Suzanne's Retreat".

I have always been a quick person, living life in the fast lane, moving quickly as if life was a race and I was trying to get to the finish line. This of course took its toll physically, mentally and emotionally.

I didn’t have time to stop and smell the roses, or to connect with the people around me. In truth I was time poor, and believed there was never enough time to invest in myself. I was the least important person in my life. In terms of living a happy and fulfilling life, this was completely the wrong way around.

I had previously burnt out a number of times, each time vowing I needed to make changes.

These old patterns were strong and it took me another few years of being tired and unhappy to finally make the changes that were needed.

Honestly, I think I was scared of slowing down and stopping. Like life would catch up with me and I wouldn't be able to cope with my own internal emotions that had been stuffed down for years. I knew I needed to change and make some space for myself but I was also scared of what that would mean to the identity I had created.

One of the most helpful ways of supporting myself was by creating more mindfulness into my day, especially my mornings. I will be writing in more depth about my morning yoga practice, but this was more than that, it became a daily ritual.

It has become time to start the day with myself, creating a sacred space and a chance to set my intentions for the day, peacefully and lovingly.

On a small wooden table, a beige and brown incense holder sits ontop of a stack of books. Inside is a stick of sage burning.  Alongside you can see plants and a selenite crystal.

I get up and give thanks for the day, starting the day with a gratitude mindset, I also set the intention “today is going to be a good day”. I create my space with love, lighting candles, burning incense and setting up for my yoga practice. All of these things I do for me and I am grateful.

I have created a little snug in our house which is specifically for me, and whilst I know that not everyone may have access to this, lighting a candle, getting your mat out and making the space cosy with a nice blanket is enough.

Each morning I will get up slightly earlier than everyone else in the house, just to have this time to myself. And once I have completed my yoga practice, I lie on the floor and listen to a yoga nidra meditation (click here to watch). This allows my mind to switch off and for me to start my day feeling calm, relaxed and connected. (I will link the practice I use below if you are interested in trying it for yourself.)

On a wooden table you can see two woven placemats. On the closest placemat there is a plant in a small beige pot, a plate with two slices of lemon, an antique looking teapot and matching cup with water and a lemon slice inside. There is also a small glass jar with herbal tea inside.

When I am done, I will make a cup of hot water with lemon, in a lovely teapot to hydrate and cleanse. Then I take a shower and get myself ready for the day.

I only check my phone when I have finished my morning ritual.

The interesting thing for me was that the more I slowed down the happier I felt. The more meaningful life became and unbelievably to me I started to have more time, as if time had opened up by my letting go. By quieting my mind I started to hear myself more clearly, I had more clarity about the things that were important in my life. For the first time in my life I started to feel safe.

This has been life changing for me and this is why I share it with you, to encourage you to slow down, to even pause your world. It will be all there for you after, if you feel the need to pick it up.

Take time to invest in yourself, your life and your spirit and create the life you choose.

I choose a slow, meaningful, and peaceful life.

I wish the same for you.



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